The Age of the Universe


Does a literal interpretation of the Bible require a young universe?
Author Gorman Gray says, "No," as he confronts many
damaging yet widely accepted assumptions about the
young age of the universe. At the same time he defends
Flood geology, recent creation of life and literal, consecutive,
24 hour days of biosphere preparation as described in Genesis.
Simple, difficult to refute interpretive devices force the issue to

a showdown in this controversial but insightful treatise.

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Gorman Gray, 206pp

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Genesis 1:1 gRaPhic from Heartlight


The Age of the universe: what are the biblical limits?

As an allegory of the contents, the book's cover depicts earth shrouded in a dense cloud with a peek hole and a supposed (certainly not proven) Pangea submerged in the ocean. The earth was not a chaos but a completed planet, ocean covered and surrounded by a "cloud of thick darkness" perhaps for megayears before the first day (Job38:9). Light from distant galaxies, isotope dating and other riddles are solved and the road to perfect harmony of science and the literal Bible is established with a biblically and scientifically sound interpretation. This book is filled with fascinating insights never before exposed and is must reading regarding origins.