Paperback Books by Gorman Gray:  (Add $5.00 for shipping single books)

The Genesis Fortress: Viciously Attacked – Triumphant in the End  $15.00
Defends the Young Biosphere View of Genesis
Chapter Six is titled Why A Silent God Allows Evil and Suffering in a Ruined Creation
ebook on Kindle: Order via Amazon here.


   Why A Silent God Allows Evil and Suffering in a Ruined Creation $3.00   (10 for $30)                        Twenty Page Pamphlet answering man’s most  perplexing question: taken                                  from chapter six of the book The Genesis Fortress above                                          PayPal: click here

Age of the Universe: What are the Biblical Limits? $15.00

The image on the front cover pictures our earth before the first day.

Land formations are submerged and a cloud of thick darkness prevents all light from reaching the ocean surface, perhaps for millions or billions of years, until it is cleared to translucence by God on the first day, then to transparency on day four.

That First Day of Genesis One took place less than 8000 years ago.

                             Age of the Universe: What are the Biblical Limits? ebook $10.00                                      Obtain from Amazon ebooks

The Genesis Flood Seen in the Grand Canyon (Comes with map) $25.00

Snowbound With a Religious Nut
A news anchor finds herself in forced isolation for almost a year. with a skeptic of religion. Both are surprised. This is a non-fiction book of spiritual
experiences, set forth by necessity in a fictional setting. 260 pages  $25.00

Benjamin and Judah: Shadows that Shout from the Book of Genesis $7.00


Debate: The Age of the Universe and Planet Earth:
Is it Defined in the Bible?
See description page .

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3. Mail. To order by mail, write to:
Morning Star Publications
1420 N. Q Circle, Washougal, WA 98671-8356
Include a personal check for the book(s) and postage ($5.00).
To inquire about Mr. Gray’s “hardship discount” (and conditions for free book offer), call 1-360-835-8361

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